"Kifli" house
January 23. We have the final version for submitting to the local authorities to start the long permission process.
Wodd workers
Street corner
The fallen trees in the background

We have got the final plans
Fallen trees
ZsuJuCi just brought the drinks and snacks.
The wood-workers. Grandpa Balazs and Feri did the hard job of lopping of and burning the branches and cutting the trunks into smaller pieces.
March 3. It took a month to get the offical paperwork ready for submission.
April 3. Processing the 4 pine trees which were fallen by our friend Bandi and his collegaue from local school for forestry.
JuCi on the fallen tree
We have got the roof tiles
Helpers at the unloading the roof tiles
June 22. We have got the first building items: the tiles for the roof.
Helpers at the unloading the roof tiles
The tiles look like this one. The architect chose an old style yellow tile which is not manifactured any more so we bought it used. It is still very nice though it is more then 80 years old.