Updated: February 26, 2009

Dear Visitor,

     Welcome to our web page. We created this site for our relatives and friends to let them know what's happening to us and how much we miss them.
         Tereza, Cilike, Nilanthi, Wanda, Judit, Zsolt

The fall in our garden

   February 26, 2009  Two and a half years ... New record of laziness again! But we were not really lazy as you can see from the 23 new albums we put on this time in the Photos and in the Crescent house section. We completed and moved in to our new "Kifli" home in 2007. We were so busy we had no time to update our site but we decided not to wait any longer. We started to fill up the time gap but at the same time we put the fresh pics on as well. We wish good health and happiness to all of you! You can zoom the pictures by clicking on them.


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